Reasons Why Samsung Refrigerator Is Leaking Water

water dripping inside fridge
water under the fridge

Samsung is one of the leading brands when it comes to electronic appliances. The laundry and kitchen appliances of Samsung can be found in almost every household in Canada. Samsung refrigerators are also an exception. The quality of the refrigerators is good enough yet problems can happen at any time. The most common problems with the refrigerators are fridge leaking water, fridge not cooling, making noise and so on. In this article, we are going to tell you the common reasons behind a Samsung fridge leaking water

water leaking inside fridge

You can try to find the cause and then troubleshoot the issue, however, sometimes it is not possible to resolve the issue even when you have found the root cause. In that case, you are going to need professional help and support. That’s what we are here for. At RA Appliance repair, we provide professional appliance repair services at a very reasonable price range. Check out the common reasons behind a Samsung fridge leaking water and simple ways to troubleshoot the issue. 

Samsung fridge leaking water on the floor 

If you find your Samsung fridge leaking water on the floor, you need to pay attention to the following factors as these might be potential reasons behind the leak. 

A faulty water inlet valve 

The problem might lie within the dispenser where the water inlet valve connects and supplies water to it. If the inlet valve is broken or fitted loosely, water will drip from the valve. Try and check if there’s any crack on the water valve. Also, ensure that the valve is tightly secured to the supply line.

A faulty ice maker water line 

You also need to check the water lines and inlet valves that are connected to the back of the freezer. The connection might be loose. Check and ensure that the connections are tight so there is no reason for leaking. If those are loose, tighten them or call a professional appliance repair service provider to get the job done. 

Samsung fridge leaking water from the water dispenser

fridge dripping water

Many Samsung refrigerator models come with a water dispenser and sometimes water leaks from the dispenser itself. There are two potential reasons behind a Samsung fridge leaking water from the water dispenser. Both the potential reasons involve sir. 

There is trapped air inside the water dispenser 

Air can become highly problematic for a water dispensing system. So, when your Samsung fridge is leaking water from the dispenser, there is a high possibility that there’s air trapped somewhere inside the dispenser. This type of problem occurs with the newly installed Samsung fridges. The easiest way to resolve the issue is to flush the entire system. That way you can get out the air bubbles as well. Dispensing a few liters of water is enough to get the work done. You need to keep the water flowing so if there’s trapped water inside, it will find its way out. If you are worried about wasting water, don’t worry about it because you can easily store the water in a bucket and use it later. 

The water filter was not installed properly 

A Samsung fridge that contains a water inlet for the dispenser and ice maker, will also contain a water filter. If you are not sure where it is, refer to the user manual and you can find it easily. After a certain time, you need to replace the water filter. If you do not do it properly, you will let air into the water supply of the refrigerator and as we have seen earlier, trapped air can cause water leakage from the fridge. 

First of all, check if the filter is installed in the correct way. Double-check with the user manual to ensure you’ve followed the steps properly. Then repeat the previous method to get the air out of the system. 

A clogged defrost drain 

samsung fridge leaking water

The drain pan of a Samsung fridge mainly overflows when the defrost drain of the refrigerator is clogged. The modern fridges defrost themselves from time to time. The defrosting process creates a lot of moisture. A defrost drain is built inside to carry that water. However, the defrost drain gets clogged when the small debris keeps piling up. Sometimes the drain itself gets frozen and that is another reason behind clogging. 

The drain pan of the fridge is overflowing 

fridge leaking

You will find a drain pan at the bottom of every Samsung fridge and the main purpose of a drain pan is to catch any water inside so the water doesn’t flow out onto your kitchen floor. Sometimes the water inside is too much for the pan to hold and it flows out on your floor. To solve this issue of the Samsung fridge leaking water, you can start by emptying the drain pan. 

Cleaning the defrost drain is the easiest way to unclog it. You need to flush some hot water into it so it can melt away the ice and other small debris. 

Samsung refrigerator leaking water due to improper levelling 

fridge leaking water

Improper levelling of a Samsung refrigerator is one of the most common reasons behind leaking water. A refrigerator cools correctly when the front is slightly higher than the back. This position helps the coolant to flow conveniently. If the fridge is not levelled properly, it becomes harder for the coolants to flow. This stress creates additional condensation around the condenser coils that cause water leakage on the floor. The Samsung refrigerators come with levelling legs. Use a screwdriver to level the legs properly. 


Samsung refrigerator leaking water inside 

water dripping inside fridge

If you find your Samsung refrigerator leaking water inside the freezer, here are some reasons behind that. 

Refrigerator water reservoir 

The water tank assembly of the fridge can be a place where you can find a potential leak. Check the water tank assembly properly for any kind of leaks. Also, you need to remember that the leak is too small and it might be a little hard to find. If you have managed to discover a leak, then you need to replace the water tank. Do not try to treat the leakage with glue as it might be very dangerous. Seek professional help if required as they are well-trained and can solve these types of leaks in an easy and safe way. 

Samsung fridge leaking water from the water filter 

An improper installation of the water filter can cause leakage at the water dispenser. However, a Samsung fridge might leak water from the filter itself. Here are a few potential causes:

Using an off-brand water filter on your Samsung fridge 

These days, you will find plenty of third-party water filter manufacturers both online and offline who offer replacements for refrigerator water filters. They sell water filters at a very low price with a promise that they will be compatible with your Samsung fridge. Unfortunately, using off-brand water filters can cause water leakage. So, if you have used an off-brand water filter and you see your Samsung refrigerator leaking water, you need to replace it with a filter that is manufactured by Samsung. 

These are the most common reasons behind a Samsung refrigerator leaking water. If you notice the same thing is happening to your fridge, don’t delay and give us a call today!