Dryer Making Noise – Reason and Solution

dryer making weird noise

Dryers are not completely quiet. They are supposed to make some normal noises when operating. However, too much noise coming from your dryer is a hazard. A noisy dryer is not only irritating, but it’s also inconvenient. It’s alarming if you wake up to your dryer making weird noise one day. This either signifies something wrong with your machine, or a malfunction is around the corner.


dryer making grinding noise

While most manufacturers provide their customers with a manual for basic troubleshooting, some issues may be beyond basic DIY. It might also be challenging to differentiate between normal dryer noise and a cry for help. You’ll need a professional dryer technician from RA Appliance Repair CA to diagnose your dryer and isolate the reasons for the noise problem. Once the problem is identified, our dryer experts will offer permanent repair or replacement solutions on the spot!

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Top 6 Common Dryer Noises and their solutions

Usually, when your dryer starts to squeak, rattle or make any other abnormal noise, there’s an issue with a specific internal or external part. Through our experience servicing all types of dryers plus our extensive research, we have compiled a list of the top 6 common dryer noises and the parts causing/making the abnormal sound. We have also offered you troubleshooting tips that you can DIY or hire a professional to fix.

1. Grinding/Squealing Noises

Is your dryer making grinding noise? Call us at (647) 477-0799 for quick troubleshooting.

Dryer parts making the noise

  •         Drum bearing
  •         Drum Glides

If you hear grinding or squealing noises from your dryer, they may be coming from the drum bearings, or the drum glides.

Cause for the noises:

  •         Worn-out drum bearing
  •         Worn-out drum glides


dryer makes noise when tumbling

You’ll need to open your dryer cabinet and check if the drum bearings or the drum glides are worn out. If you see any form of wear and tear, you need to replace the bearing and glides, or the noises will persist. Disassembling and reassembling your dryer cabinet requires special tools. You’ll need a technician to do the job for safety reasons and ensure your dryer remains in one piece.








2. Rumbling Noises

Is your dryer rumbling and mumbling? This is a cause for alarm. You need to call (647) 477-0799 for quick diagnosis and repair on the spot!

Dryer part making the noise

  •         Blower Wheel

If you hear any rumbling noises from your dryer, it indicates that your blower wheels are defective. Blower wheels are important because they are used for ventilation in gas and electric dryers. It’s a component of the blower motor, and it helps move high volumes of air through the heating chamber, the drum, and out the exhaust vent.

Cause for the noises:

  •         Unwanted objects like metal, cloth, and lint passed the filter and lodged into the blower wheel.
  •         Faulty blower wheel motor
  •         Worn-out plastic blower wheel
  •         The blower wheel goes off the threaded shaft
  •         The clamp holding the blower wheel in place came off
  •         The blower wheel is  unbalanced or loose
  •         The plastic blower wheel is clamped


Open the dryer vent to see if the airflow is strong. If not, this shows that there’s a hindrance. You need a repair technician to inspect your dryer for the above causes and offer quick repair or replacement.

3. Squeaking/Squealing Noises

Loud Squeaking or Squealing sounds from your dryer indicates an issue. Don’t wait until your dryer breaks down completely; call an RA Appliance Repair technician at (647) 477-0799 to fix your dryer on the spot!

Dryer parts making the noise

  •         Idler Pulley
  •         Drum Rollers
  •         Drum Bearings

The Idler pulley, also known as the dryer pulley, establishes tension on the drive belt to ensure a smooth operation without slipping when the dryer is loaded. Drum rollers are used to support the drum as it turns. Drum bearings are used to support the back of the dryer drum.

Cause for the noises:

  •         Worn-out drum bearings
  •         Worn-out or slightly damaged drum rollers
  •         Worn-out idler puller due to friction and its high-speed rotation


You need a technician to replace the worn-out drum bearings to prevent them from rubbing the back of the casing. If the drum rollers are worn out, they also need to be replaced. The same case applies to worn-out idler pullers. The technician needs to remove the dryer cabinet, see if the pulley is damaged, and replace it.


4. Thumping Noises

Thumping noises from your dryer indicates a malfunction and should be fixed as soon as possible to prevent the dryer from becoming a dud.

Dryer parts making the noise

  •         Drive Belt
  •         Drum Rollers
  •         Axels

The drive belt is part of the pulley system that rotates the dryer drum. It helps turn the drum during a cycle.

Axels are shafts that hold the back and front of the dryer.

Causes for the noises:

  •         Worn-out dryer belt
  •         Broken dryer belt
  •         Drive belt wrapped around the dryer drum
  •         Drive belt threaded around the dryer pulley
  •         Drive belt looped over the driveshaft
  •         Completely worn out drum rollers
  •         Damaged axles



Open up the dryer and assess the drive belt for any issues. If it’s damaged or worn out, you need to replace it. Request a RA Appliance Repair CA technician to replace the worn-out rollers and damaged axles.


5. Rattling Noises

Have you been hearing some rattling sounds coming from your dryer when it’s drying your laundry? Some parts may be worn out and need repair or replacement immediately. Call (647) 477-0799, and a professional will attend to your dryer on the same day.

Dryer part making the noise

  •         Blower Wheels
  •         Baffles/lifters

Baffles or Lifters are the part of a dryer that prevent laundry from sticking on the sides of a drum and tumbles and fluffs them as they dry.

Causes for the noises:

  •         Unwanted objects lodge under the lifters causing a rattling noise
  •         Worn-out baffles
  •         Loose lifters
  •         Loose blower wheels
  •         Foreign object near the blower wheels


Check for unwanted materials stuck on the lifters and remove them. Ensure the blower wheel fits snugly in the housing, and there are no unwanted objects near it.


6. Scraping Noises

Don’t ignore scraping noises from your dryer. They may be a cry for help. Call (647) 477-0799 for reliable and prompt dryer diagnosis and repair.

Dryer part making the noise

  •         Drum Glides

Drum glides support the front of the dryer.

Causes for the noise:

  •         Worn-out drum glides
  •         Drum sliding onto them


Remove the dryer cabinet and assess the drum gliders. If they are worn-out or damaged, you need a technician to replace them.


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