Reasons Why Your Washer Stops Spinning

Reason Washer Not Spinning


What good is a washer that won’t spin? From soaked clothes to undone laundry, the inconveniences are endless. If you wake up to a washing machine that fails to spin, you need to get it fixed before your laundry piles up and your cleaning routine comes to a screeching halt. As your home appliance repair expert and friend, we have compiled common reasons why your washer may have stopped spinning and the solutions for the problems.

Whether you’re using a front-load or a top-load, your washer may stop spinning due to a mechanical or non-mechanical issue. In either scenario, the good news is that we’ll offer you quick DIY hacks to troubleshoot your washer, and if that doesn’t work, we offer you same-day washer repair in Toronto and the GTA.

Let’s dive in!

Non-Mechanical Reasons Why Your Washer Stopped Spinning

1.Off-balanced load

An imbalanced load of laundry is especially common in a top-load washer. This happens when you put heavier clothes on one side and lighter ones on the other. This uneven distribution may constrain the washer from spinning to curb mechanical damage. When placing your clothes in the washing machine, distribute them evenly by mixing heavier and lighter clothes to create balance. When this is done, your washer should spin as usual.

off load spinning

2.Washer is not level

Your washer will stop spinning if its legs are not perfectly touched the ground, or the ground might not be level. Your washer will also make a banging noise if it’s not level. Position the washer’s adjustable legs perfectly on the floor. You can use a level to measure if all the legs are evenly leveled. If your ground is uneven, you can either adjust the pedestals to different heights that will result in a balanced washer or move it to a flat surface.

3.Power issues

Power issues may include power disconnection or using an extension cord. Check if there’s a power outage and wait for power to be restored. If there’s power, ensure that the washer is plugged in properly. Avoid using an extension cord because it might not supply enough power to your heavy-duty washer power cord. Plug it directly into the power outlet.

4.Clogged drainage system

This is the most common reason most washers fail to spin. The reasons for the clogged drainage system are kink in the hose and blockages. Be sure to regularly check if there’s lint or other items trapped in the drain trap that may cause clogging and remove them. Remove any kink from the drain hose and open your washer to check any blockages in the drainage system. Note that if your washer is not draining, it won’t spin. Therefore, it’s important to ensure your washer’s drainage system is working.

Spinning issue repair

5.Unlocked door/lid

The interlock/lock system prevents the washer from spinning if the door/lid is left open. Ensure that you lock the door and close the lid properly for the washer to start working.

Mechanical Reasons Why Your Washer Is Not Spinning

Here are common mechanical issues that might cause your washer to stop spinning. We have local washer repair experts ready to diagnose and fix your washing machine on the spot!

  •      Error codes

Multiple error codes might display on your washing machine. These are defects indications that may cause your washer not to spin. Most of these errors can be cleared by resetting your appliance, while for others, you need an expert repair team like RA Appliance Repair CA to decode.

  •      Faulty drive belt

A worn-out drive belt may cause your washer to stop spinning. There are complexities in the process, so if you are not confident in your skills, it’s best to let the experts do the job. There are also available DIY videos online that you use as a reference.

  •      Faulty lid/door switch

The wire harness or the wiring system of the lid or door may be faulty, which calls for an expert to replace or repair. The door/lid might also be broken or misaligned. You’ll need an expert to help you restore it.

  •      Faulty clutch assembly

A defective clutch assembly may slow or stop the spin cycle. Worn-out clutch pads may be the main reason for this outcome. This is a complex mechanical fix that needs to be left to the professional from RA Appliance Repair.

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