Appliance Repair Vaughan

Quick & Easy Appliance Repair Vaughan

Appliances are meant to make your life easy. But a broken appliance can make your life very difficult. At RA appliances, we are committed towards repairing your appliances efficiently. We have been offering superior appliance repair in Vaughan and have been promptly available to fix any type of appliance malfunction. With us, you can be sure of a professional job done on time and on budget. The technicians at RA Appliances are friendly and fast giving you a speedy service so you can get back on track.

RA Appliance Repair Vaughan

Fridge Repair Services Vaughan

Fridge Repair Vaughan

If your fridge is leaking or is overheating, do not ignore the signs of a damaged fridge. No matter what the problem is, you can trust RA Appliance for effective fridge repair.

Stove Repair Services Vaughan

Stove Repair Vaughan

If your electric cooktop won’t burn or the coils are burning excessively, stop stressing and call us. We are experienced in a variety of stove repair. We know where the problem is and know how to fix it effectively.

Oven Repair Services Vaughan

Oven Repair Vaughan

Baked food is great unless it’s not evenly baked. A broken oven shows signs by not heating up properly or by overheating. We have dealt with a variety of oven problems and can carry out complete oven repair quickly.

Dishwasher Repair Services Vaughan

Dishwasher Repair Vaughan

If your dishes smell of stale food or has food stains even after washing, this means a dishwasher repair is due. Our technicians will quickly diagnose the problems and repair your dishwasher for you.

Washer Repair Services Vaughan

Washer Repair Vaughan

We offer complete washer repair for every type of washer- new or old, basic or high end, top-load or front-load.

Dryer Repair Services Vaughan

Dryer Repair Vaughan

Whether it is a failed dryer drum or a faulty thermal fuse, our technicians can carry out proper dryer repair for any time of issues with your dryer.

Why Choose RA Appliances?

Appliance Repair Services Vaughan

At RA Appliance, we offer more than just superior appliance repair. Having been in the business for years together, we are committed to offering services that add value to our relationship with our customers. Here is why you should hire us for this job:

  • Fixing an appliance should not take days. Our technicians are highly-trained professionals which is why we offer same-day appliance repair.
  • With RA Appliance, repairing appliances is affordable. Our pricing is competitive which helps us offer services that fit your budget.
  • We understand that you have a life outside your domestic chores and cannot spend time running multiple calls. This is why we offer prompt customer service and ensure that your service request is responded to on time.
  • We are committed to offering long-term solutions to your appliance problems. This is why we only use the highest grade appliance repair parts.
  • Our technicians are trained in offering specialized appliance repair services for even high-end appliances.

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