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Coming up to one of your most important appliances only to discover that it is not functioning properly is, in the eyes of a great many of us, the single most frustrating thing that can happen. It may be a real pain in the neck if the motor in your refrigerator stops working or if the pump in your dishwasher stops working properly. In addition to the hassle of dealing with an appliance that isn’t functioning properly, many individuals have trouble locating a reliable repair specialist when they need one quickly. In particular when the issue happens outside of normal business hours. For your convenience and peace of mind, RA Appliance Repair Guelph offers repairs that are prompt and completed the same day, as well as a satisfaction guarantee that covers each and every one of our services. In order to better serve you, we are here for you seven days a week.

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The members of our team are aware of the significance of both the speed and the quality of the appliance repairs that they do. In order to better accommodate your schedule, not only are we accessible seven days a week, but we also do repairs on the same day. Our staff always arrives ready to work, and each of our vans is outfitted with all of the equipment and components need to complete the task at hand immediately upon arrival. The diagnosis and repair of each and every appliance is our top priority during the initial visit. Our one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee applies to all of the appliance repairs that we perform; if we are unable to fix your appliance, you will not be charged for the service.

Appliance Repair
Fridge Repair Toronto

Fridge Repair Guelph

Because refrigerators have been around for so many years, it is difficult for anybody to conceptualize what life was like before they were invented. Even when you are away on vacation, you can usually count on having at least a tiny refrigerator in the hotel or house rental that you stay in. If you are unable to get your refrigerator fixed in a timely manner when it breaks down, it is possible that all of your food may be wasted. Because of this, our refrigerator repair services in Guelph are both quick and available on the same day.

Common Refrigerator Malfunctions

Oven Repair Guelph

There is nothing that can compare to the flavor of a dinner that has been patiently cooked in the oven or sweet desserts that have just been prepared. It ought to go without saying that a malfunctioning oven is not going to result in a delectable dish, but just in case: If your oven is not getting hot enough, getting too hot, or showing any other type of problem, call our professionals as soon as possible for oven repair services that may be performed the same day. Our one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee covers all of the repairs that we do to your oven so that you may have peace of mind.

Common Oven Malfunctions

  • Failed igniter
  • Thermostat problems
  • Door seal issues
  • Burner problem
  • Boiler problem
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Stove Repair Guelph

Problems with the passage of electric current and difficulties in maintaining the proper temperature are two issues that frequently arise with contemporary ranges and ovens. Repairs completed by a professional are recommended for stoves of any make or model, though. If you bring in the professionals, not only will you save time, but you will also decrease the likelihood of inflicting further damage to the property than you would if you attempted repairs on your own. Get in touch with our highly trained staff right now for expert stove repair services.

Common Stove Malfunctions

  • Unable to maintain a high temperature
  • Utilizing an abundance of power
  • Knob rotation fails to change the temperature
Washer Installation

Washer Repair Guelph

Having problems with your washing machine may easily make you feel as though the end of the world has come. You won’t have enough time to properly clean an item of clothing in time for work or an important occasion, and your laundry basket will be full of dirty clothes in a matter of days. Call our crew for prompt washer repair services in Guelph before the situation completely spins out of control for you. Our crew is accessible around the clock, seven days a week, and we can provide service on the same day for your extra convenience.

Common Washer Malfunctions

  • Leaking water
  • Excessive Vibration
  • Unnecessary Noise
  • Washer gets stuck
  • Detergent fails to dispense
Dryer repair Toronto

Dryer Repair Guelph

After you have finished washing all of your garments, the following step is to make certain that they are totally dry before you begin putting anything away. This process does not have to take days, but rather just a few hours with the assistance of your dryer. It’s possible that your garments might get ruined if your dryer gets too hot. On the other hand, if the temperature in your dryer does not reach the appropriate level, your clothing will not dry. Get in touch with our company right now if you need dependable dryer repair services anywhere in Guelph.

Common Dryer malfunctions

  • Dryer fails to dry clothes properly
  • Excessive Noise
  • Too much vibration
  • Failed electronic panel
Dishwasher Repair Toronto

Dishwasher Repair Guelph

After using your dishwasher for a few years, you will wonder how you ever got by without it. It will make your life so much easier. It is inevitable that a malfunctioning dishwasher will serve as a jarring reminder of the amount of time you once spent bent over the sink. When your dishwasher stops working, you shouldn’t put it off! Give us a call if you need repair services for your dishwasher in Guelph, handled by qualified technicians you can rely on. Our group will arrive with all of the necessary tools as well as many spare components in case any of them need to be replaced. Because of this, we are able to do repairs right there and then!

Common Dishwasher malfunctions

  • Leaking water
  • Nor properly cleaning or drying dishes
  • Broken washer arm
  • Door not properly latching

Our Appliance Repair Mission

At RA Appliance Repair, our mission is to provide high-quality appliance repair to customers throughout Guelph. We are a team of highly trained and experienced appliance repair technicians committed to providing the best possible service to our customers. We specialize in servicing a wide range of appliance repairs, including refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, etc. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our work, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best possible service when you choose our appliance repair services. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!

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No matter where ever you are located in Guelph or its surrounding areas, as soon you reach out to RA Appliance Repair, we will get in touch and reach you and provide an instant fix.

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What Our customers Say About Us

Diana Niyazova

Was struggling with my refrigerator temperature going constantly up and down. Called the guys from RA Appliance to come and take a look - couldn’t be happier with this decision ! The problem was resolved very promptly and in a very professional manner. Will definitely recommend to everyone!

Zurabi Chumburidze

The oven wouldn’t rise to our desired temperature. No matter what we did, it wouldn’t go past that certain temperature point. The repairman didn’t need much time to fix the problem as he replaced the burner and the elements quickly. The price was also highly affordable.

Thomas Chang

Tom came by the same day I called. He diagnosed the problem and had my fridge fixed with a new compressor the next business day. It would've been fixed the day of but the compressor needed to be ordered. I wont be calling anyone else if I need an appliance fixed in the future

Sergei Zukin

I have been a regular customer for about 2 years. Absolutely best appliance repair service in GTA. Very professional and knowledgeable technician. My washer and dryer were fixed with a very good price. I recommend RA Appliance!

Alasya Construction

I had a refrigerator that was broken. I contacted RA Appliance Repair and Artiom went to my house and after seeing the refrigerator, informed me that it was the control panel. Said it would cost $180 for the parts. He then quickly ordered the parts and by the end of the day everything was functioning. Much appreciated!

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