Appliance Repair Brampton

Looking for a reliable and affordable appliance repair service in Brampton? Look no further than our team of experienced technicians at Appliance Repair Brampton. We provide top-quality appliance repair services for all major brands and models of appliances, including fridges, stoves, dishwashers, dryers, and more. We understand the importance of having working appliances in your home or business, so we offer same-day service and convenient scheduling to make sure your repairs are done as quickly as possible.

No matter what type of appliance you need to be repaired, our team can handle it. We have experience with all major brands and models of appliances, so you can rest assured that your repairs will be done correctly the first time. We also offer a warranty on all of our parts and labor, so you can be confident that your repairs will last.

If you require appliance repair services in Brampton, call us today or schedule an appointment online. We look forward to helping you get your appliances back up and running quickly and efficiently.

Our Goal

At Appliance Repair Brampton, our mission is to provide top-quality appliance repair services at affordable prices. We understand the importance of having working appliances in your home or business, so we offer same-day service and convenient scheduling to make sure your repairs are done as quickly as possible. We also offer a warranty on all of our parts and labor, so you can be confident that your repairs will last.

Instant & Efficient Appliance Repair Brampton

For your life to stay on track, your appliances should always be working. A leaking fridge or a smoked-off stove can make your whole life feel out of play. At RA Appliance Repair, we understand how important your appliances are to you. As part of our promise to our customers, we have offered top-notch appliance repair in Brampton. Our technicians have always been instantly available to fix the stubborn appliances of home-dwellers in Brampton. At RA Appliance Repair, we are a team of highly trained technicians who offer speedy appliance repair which is durable and trustworthy.

Fridge Repair Services Brampton

Fridge Repair Brampton

In need of a reliable fridge repair in Brampton, you have come to the right place. Our team of experienced and qualified professionals can help you get your fridge up and running again in no time. We understand that a broken fridge can be a huge inconvenience, so we work hard to get the job done as quickly as possible.

We offer a wide range of fridge repair services, including:

  • Refrigerator motor and coil repair
  • Freezer repair
  • Ice maker repair
  • Water dispenser repair

No matter what type of fridge you have, our team can help you get your refrigerator running again.

Everyday use can cause your fridge to work poorly. Old fridges are also more prone to damage. If your fridge has been spoiling your food unreasonably, trust us at RA Appliance Repair as we will offer you the best and the most relevant fridge repair services.

Stove Repair Services Brampton

Stove Repair Brampton

We can provide you with quality stove repair services for all types of stoves, including electric, gas, and induction models.

We understand that a stove is an essential part of any kitchen, so we always work to provide quick and efficient repairs. We also offer competitive rates, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best value for your money.

Stoves are used day in and day out and the extensive use can cause major wear and tear. If your stove is not heating properly or releasing a lot of smoke, we know the right kind of stove repair to fix the problem.

Oven Repair Services Brampton

Oven Repair Brampton

If you’re having problems with your oven, don’t worry – you can call RA Appliance Repair Brampton for help! We provide fast, reliable service for all kinds of oven problems. 

We know that oven repair can be expensive, so we offer competitive rates and financing options. We also offer a one-year warranty on all of our repairs.

 Due to its high power intake a broken oven can prove to be dangerous to the overall wiring of your house. If you observe excessive smoke coming out of the oven or that your oven is not heating properly, call us for a quick over repair job today.

Dishwasher Repair Services Brampton

Dishwasher Repair Brampton

If your dishwasher isn’t working as it should, don’t worry! The first step is to identify the problem. Is the dishwasher leaking water? Is it not washing the dishes properly? Once you know what the issue is, you can start looking for a technician that will help you with a dishwasher repair.

Dishwashers are a common appliance in most homes, so finding a technician shouldn’t be too difficult. However, it is important to make sure that you hire a qualified professional. Ask around for recommendations, or check reviews online.

Once you have found a technician, be prepared to provide them with some information about the dishwasher.

It is common for dishwashers to show signs of leakage or make loud noises when on. This requires the right kind of dishwasher repair that technicians at RA Appliance Repair are perfectly skilled for.

Washer Repair Services Brampton

Washer Repair Brampton

Appliance Repair in Brampton provides same-day service for all makes and models of washers and dryers. Our technicians are experienced in both residential and commercial appliance repair, and we offer a wide range of services for any of your problems including:

  • Water leakage
  • Sudden Power Kill
  • Uneven/ underpowered spinning Speed
  • Display showing mechanical error code

If your washer is wobbly or if the error codes are taking over the washing cycle, call us and we will offer you the right kind of washer repair. We are experienced in fixing all types of washers. This includes both front-load and top-load washers. Contact us today for a washer repair service.

Dryer Repair Brampton

Dryer Repair Brampton

A dryer is a household appliance that is used to remove moisture from clothes and other fabrics. If your dryer isn’t working properly, it can be a huge inconvenience as your clothes no longer smell fresh after a wash. That’s why it’s important to know who to call for dryer repair in Brampton.

The team at RA Appliance Repair Brampton is experienced in repairing all types of dryers, including gas and electric models. We’ll work quickly to get your dryer up and running again, so you can get back to your routine.

A faulty dryer can hint at a dangerous gas leak. It sometimes also hints at a damaged part within the machinery. We diagnose the problem and then offer the right dryer repair solutions to our customers.

For reliable and affordable dryer repair in Brampton, call the experts at Appliance Repair Brampton today.

Why Choose RA Appliance Repair Brampton?

Appliance Repair Services Brampton

When you’re looking for appliance repair, it’s important to choose a reputable company with qualified technicians. RA Appliance Repair is the trusted choice for residents of Brampton and the surrounding area. We offer reliable service and affordable rates, and we’re always here when you need us.

We have been trusted appliance repair partners for years together. We offer not only the most trustworthy appliance repair services but also have other customer-oriented features which add to the whole experience of hiring us for the job. Here’s why you should choose us:

  • We work on a competitive pricing model which allows us to make repairing appliances more affordable for you.
  • We value your time and other commitments which is why we not only offer same-day repair of your products but also offer a quick response rate to your service request.
  • We promise to offer the most durable appliance repair service. This is why we ensure that all parts used during the task are only the highest quality appliance repair parts.
  • RA Appliance Repair works with a bunch of technicians who are trained in offering specialized appliance repair services for appliances made by both common and exclusive.

Call us today!