Appliance Repair Barrie

Looking for reliable appliance repair service in Barrie? Trust a reputable company like RA Appliance Repair to handle all your repair needs. Because we know just how inconvenient a broken appliance can be to your life, our team of appliance technicians work swiftly to get your appliance back up and running as quickly as possible.

Why RA Appliance Repair Barrie?

Over the years, we have worked hard to build a reputation of excellence across Ontario. When it comes to appliance repair in Barrie, there simply is no better choice. Our team consists of exceptionally trained technicians with years of experience working on a range of appliances manufactured by every brand.

If you have hired an inexperienced technician who didn’t get the job done right you know the difference a professional technician can make.

What makes RA Appliance Repair a leader in the industry is our high level of expertise and our dedication to every single customer we serve. When you come to us to repair your home appliance, you can be sure our team will have your broken appliance fixed in no time. We take pride in offering you long-term solutions to your appliance problems at an affordable cost.

Fridge Repair Barrie

Fridge Repair Barrie

A broken fridge, or one that is not functioning well, needs to be attended to promptly to prevent the food inside from going bad. Our same-day fridge repair service guarantees that our team will be at your door soon after you reach out to us for help. So whether you have an built-in fridge, stand-alone, freezer or wine cooler in need of repair, we’re the team for the job.

Stove Repair Services Barrie

Stove Repair Barrie

Getting to the bottom of an issue with an electric or gas stove can be rather complicated. And since electricity or gas is involved, it’s extremely important that a licensed technician correctly diagnoses the problem and offers safe and lasting solutions.

At RA Appliance Repair, not only do we promise superior stove repair services, we also offer a warranty on all performed work.

Dishwasher Repair Services Barrie

Dishwasher Repair Barrie

Dishwashers are composed of many small parts. Troubleshooting a broken dishwasher requires intricate knowledge of how dishwashers work and the various parts that need to be working in harmony for it to work well. We handle everything from built-in, double, portable and countertop dishwashers. Contact RA Appliance Repair for a reliable dishwasher repair today!

Washer Repair Services Barrie

Washer Repair Barrie

There are only a few things more frustrating than a washing machine that stops working during a cycle. We understand the urgency and are available to come to the rescue whenever you call. Our repair service line is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us today for a reliable washer repair service in Barrie

Dryer Repair Services Barrie

Dryer Repair Barrie

In many households, dryers are one of the most used appliances in the home. If you begin to experience problems with your dryer, the last thing you want to do is wait a day or two for service. Our same-day dryer repair ensures a speedy response to all your dryer needs.

Oven Repair Barrie

Oven Repair Barrie

Is your oven showing signs of trouble? To prevent a small problem from becoming a bigger one, you need an experienced appliance technician to get to the root of the issue as soon as possible. Our certified technicians are standing by to diagnose the problem and quickly provide a solution. Our team is experienced in repairing all major oven brands and models.

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