Having the right appliance part for your home appliance can be the difference between it running smoothly or malfunctioning. As the largest appliance parts supplier in North America, you can be sure that our appliance technicians will come to your home equipped with various common parts when servicing your appliance.

With short lead times of approximately 2 to 4 days, we make sure that you have the exact appliance part you need for your home to run smoothly. We are a highly reputable appliance parts supplier in Toronto and offer a 30-day labour warranty on all our work, with an extended warranty available for an additional charge.

We also offer a standard 30-day warranty on all parts, and up to 1-year warranty on select parts.

Fridge Parts

Fridge Parts Replacement - Appliance Parts Toronto
Light bulb – 40W – Its standard screw-in base makes this 40-watt light bulb compatible with many different types of appliances. It is sold separately and can be used to replace a current bulb that has burnt out.
Replacement Ice Maker – This part collects water from the water inlet valve and freezes it into ice cubes. Then it deposits the cubes into the ice bucket. This continues until the ice bucket is at full capacity. If your ice maker is no longer producing ice, it most likely will need to be replaced.
Capacitor – This part is connected to the compressor and is responsible for turning the compressor on and off and regulating the temperature so food in your freezer stays frozen.
Lower Door Closing Cam – This part ensures that the fridge door is kept closed properly and consists of ridges and valleys that hold the door in place. It sits on the door pivot point and is made from plastic.
Crisper Glass Shelf Insert – Made of glass, this glass insert is 23.82 x 15.50 in and designed to fit neatly over the crisper pan drawers.
Refrigerator Door Switch – This part disables the light when the fridge door is closed.
Refrigerator Center Crisper Drawer Slide Rail – White – This part is the main support for the crisper drawers and is approximately 13.5 in. The two crisper drawers are slid into the rail, which provides support to the drawers.
Refrigerator Crisper Pan -Also known as a vegetable drawer, the crisper pan is used to store produce to keep them fresh for longer.
Refrigerator Defrost Thermostat– Refrigerator defrost temperature sensor monitors the temperature of the evaporator.
Refrigerator Evaporator Fan Motor – moves air around the coils inside the refrigerator.
Refrigerator Water Inlet Valve – releases water from the supply line to the fridge
Refrigerator Main Control Board – Control Board controls major components like compressor and fans
Refrigerator Compressor – The compressor contains refrigerant gases for the cooling process
Damper Control Assembly – controls the flow of air from the freezer to the refrigerator.

Stove Parts

Stove Parts Replacement - Appliance Parts Toronto
Chrome Drip Bowl – 6″ – This essential part rests beneath the burner and collects any spills that would otherwise drip into the range, making it messy and difficult to clean your stove. This drip is compatible with electric stoves that have plug-in surface burners. With a diameter of approximately 8”, this drip bowl makes cleaning much easier.
Drip Bowl – 8″ – This part sits beneath the burner and catches any spills from the stove. This drip bowl is compatible with electric stoves that have plug-in surface burners and has a diameter of approximately 10”.
Infinite Burner Switch – This part regulates the temperature of the stove top 8-inch surface burner and is 240-volt, 2100-2600 watt, and 8.8-10.8 amp. Your switch may need to be replaced if the burner will not heat despite a perfectly functional element.
Stove Igniter – used to ignite the gas.
Surface Element Switch – The surface element switch sends voltage to the surface element coil.
Stove Coil Surface Element -Heating elements contain an electric current and wire and becomes very hot.

Oven Parts

Oven Parts Replacement - Appliance Parts Toronto
Oven Bake Element – This element is at the bottom of the oven and heats up when the oven is turned on. The terminals for this part have male quarter inch spade connectors and have push-on wire terminals.
Oven Probe – This part is a temperature sensor and detects the temperature inside the oven.
Oven Igniter – use to ignite the gas in the oven .
Oven Control Board – Control Board controls major components.
Oven Temperature Sensor – controls the temperature inside the oven
Oven Door Switch – Help Control The lights.

Dishwasher Parts

Dishwasher Parts Replacement - Appliance Parts Toronto
Lower Rack Wheel Kit – 8 Pack – This contains 8 wheels and 8 axles for your dishwasher rack and makes it easier to pull the dishrack in and out.
Silverware Basket – This is a compartment that is used for washing silverware.
Dishwasher Lower Dishrack Wheel Assembly – This part attaches to the rack and makes it easier to slide the rack in and out. It is made of plastic and approximately 6 inches in length.
Dishrack Roller – This is a component design for the lower dish rack of the dishwasher. It has a clip on one side where you can attach it to the dishrack. This part aids in pushing the dishrack in and out easily.
Dishwasher Bottom Door Gasket – This gasket goes at the bottom of the dishwasher door to form a tight seal to prevent water from leaking out of the dishwasher and onto the floor. It is approximately 23 inches long and is attached between the tub and the outer edge of the dishwasher door.
Dishwasher Heating Element – help drying the dishes properly.
Dishwasher Water Inlet Valve – supplies water to the dishwasher.
Dishwasher Door Latch – Dishwasher door latch assembly.
Dishwasher Drain Pump – removes/pump water from the dishwasher to the drain system.
Dishwasher Circulation Pump – The circulation pump uses a motor to force water up through the wash arms.
Dishwasher Control Board – Control Board controls major components.

Washer Parts

Washer Parts Replacement - Appliance Parts Toronto
Agitator Directional Cogs – Also referred to as dog ears, these come in packs of four and are usually used with direct drive washing machines. The teeth engage the cogs with the upper agitator.
Direct Drive Motor Coupling – Located between the motor and transmission on the direct drive washer that does not have a belt. The coupler protects the motor and will break to prevent damage to the motor should the drive motor system seizes up.
Suspension Spring – This part keeps the outer tub of the washer balanced during a cycle. A broken spring will result in a noisy and off balanced washer.
Clutch Assembly – The clutch assembly aids in removing water from the tub during a spin cycle on direct drive washing machines.
Washing Machine Drain Pump – drain the water from the machine to drain system.
Washing Machine Door Lock – lock the machine during washing cycle.
Washing Machine Drive Belt – used to drive the clutch pulley.
Washing Machine Water Inlet Valve – supplies water to the washing machine.
Washing Machine Control Board – Control Board controls major components.
Washing Machine Shock Absorber – shock absorber prevents the washer from vibrating.

Dryer Parts

Dryer Parts Replacement - Appliance Parts Toronto
Dryer Thermal Fuse – When the dryer overheats, this fuse cuts off the flow of electricity to the motor circuit. The fuse has two 3/16 inch terminals.
Roller Support Tri-Ring – This part holds the drum support rollers or the idler pulley onto the shaft. A dryer that does not tumble or is loud could indicate that the tri-ring needs to be replaced.
Multi Rib Belt – 92-1/4″ – Consisting of four ridges and three grooves, this dryer drum belt is 1/4-inch wide and 92 1/4-inch long and helps rotate the drum.
Front Drum Bearing – This part keeps your dryer running quietly and measures 10” in height and 19 ½” inside width. As the drum rotates, the front portion of the drum glides over the felt seal of the front panel.
Dryer Heating Element – Heating Element produces heat to dry the clothes in your dryer.
Dryer Door Switch – Dryer door switch assembly.
Dryer Drum Roller – helps the drum spin freely.
Dryer Idler Pulley – holds the drum belt in place.
Dryer High Limit Thermostat – safety mechanism to keep the dryer from overheating.
Dryer Drive Motor – Dryer drum drive motor.
Dryer Control Board – Control Board controls major components.
Dryer Start Switch – Push to start switch.
Dryer Timer – Dryer timer assembly.