Laundry Myths that can Harm your Washing Machine

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You can keep your washing machine in mint condition with a trusted, Toronto washing machine repair service and by keeping these common myths in mind:

  • Myth #1: Always use a dryer sheet
    Dryer sheets are important to make your clothes softer and to reduce static cling. However, the silicone-like substance coating of a dryer sheet is not just being released to your clothes but can also build up on the dryer’s sensors. So to prevent the residue from damaging the sensor, have it cleaned regularly. Otherwise, you’ll have to have a repair visit to fix the sensors.
  • Myth #2: Use more detergent for a cleaner laundry
    Detergents only have a certain amount of cleaning power. If you use too much of it, it will just be left in your garments and will not be thoroughly rinsed away. Moreover, if you’ve got a High-Efficiency (HE) washer, use a HE detergent as well. HE is also best for front-loading washers, because regular detergents have agents which can cause damage and may require technical inspection.
  • Myth #3: Use only hot water for a real clean
    This is not always true. Using hot water is needed if there’s heavy staining on clothes. For other garments, using cool water helps avoid shrinkage, prevents fabric finishes from wearing out and can keep the colors stay bright.
  • Myth #4: Bubbles
    It’s sometimes thought that bubbles in laundry detergent will clean our clothes better. In reality, bubbles are just added to detergents. They don’t lift stains away. As mentioned earlier, too much detergent won’t be rinsed efficiently. This is especially the case with HE washers which do not use much water.

If you wonder why you have to frequently call for a Toronto washing machine repair technician, you can avoid these common mistakes. If your machine is still experiencing problems and none of these apply to you, RA Appliance is just a phone call away.

Our skilled and licensed technicians are always ready to fix any issue quickly and efficiently, capable of working on any appliance from any brand with certified parts. Contact us today to learn more!

If you and your family live the busy city life, chances are that, at some point over the course of lots of use, you will need to call a Toronto washing machine repair service for parts and maintenance on your appliances. What’s more, when it comes to laundry, we simply follow conventional wisdom as the best practice for using washing machines. But there are some things that instead of just cleaning our clothes are, in fact, harming the washing machine and shortening its service life.

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