How Does a Refrigerator Work?

Image of a refrigerator

Though the refrigeration process is simple, modern fridges are anything but. And that’s why you need expert refrigerator repair in Toronto.

In this latest post, thus, we will simply deconstruct how a fridge works. The process is actually quite easy to explain but modern fridges are anything but simple. With different makes and models come different configurations and manufacturers are always on the lookout for ways of increasing efficiency. Whether this comes by way of greater insulation, a more efficient compressor design or just better software logic to keep the fridge at its optimum temperature, you’ll get to understand it.

Here is a simple breakdown of how a refrigerator works:

  • Cool refrigerant gas flows through the internal piping of the fridge absorbing heat from inside the fridge and vaporizes.
  • As a gas, it flows into the compressor, which takes the gas and compresses it to make a hot, high pressure gas.
  • This gas is passed through condenser coils on the outside of the fridge where the gas dissipates heat into the outside environment and cools.
  • The gas cools sufficiently and converts back into a liquid.
  • The liquid travels to the expansion valve. Passing through it, the liquid experiences a drop in pressure and expands back into a cool gas. This passes through the internal coils of the fridge.

As one can see, the cooling principle of a refrigerator is actually quite ingenious. It is also quite straightforward, though what must be added is that the fridge is expected to run day after day for years. The stresses on components cause wear and tear and tough operating conditions reduce the efficiency of the cooling process.

This should also help you better understand what a potential problem could be that you have to call refrigerator repair in Toronto. Improper door seals can introduce warm air into the fridge compartment, leaks in coils can let out refrigerant, compressors can trip off due to pressure imbalances and much more besides.

Factor-in the software logic that manufacturers must apply to oversee the whole process, trying to balance load on the system with cooling efficiency and it becomes all the more complicated.

We have talked a number of times about why you may need refrigerator repair in Toronto. Not only have we discussed the various symptoms people encounter, we have also gone through a bevy of faults that could cause them. From electrical faults to leaks in the cooling pipes, we have gone through a plethora of problems that can crop up in regular refrigerator use and call for refrigerator repair in Toronto.

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