Fridge Repair Spotlight: Water Leaks

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The most common fridge repair Toronto problems: “Help! My fridge is leaking water!”

  • Defrost drain. This is a very prevalent problem and we see it all the time. Usually, the fault is with the defrost drain. If the defrost drain is clogged or blocked by a buildup of ice, water that would be normally drained may start leaking out of the fridge instead.
  • Drain pan. If the defrost drain is fine, the next place to check is the drain pan. A cracked or damaged drain pan causes water leakage because the water is not being collected properly. If this is the case, the drain pan needs to be replaced immediately
  • Ice maker. A damaged ice maker will also result in unwanted water leakage. Common ice maker issues include damage to the water-line connection, cracked seals, or torn hoses. Depending on the extent of the damage, the water-line may be repaired or will need to be replaced entirely.
  • Water filter. If you are still seeing water leakage, the next place to check would be the water filter. If your fridge’s water filter has experienced damage, the filtering system will not function as intended and will leak water. This may be due to a fractured connection between the filter and its water supply, because the filter was improperly installed, or because it is incompatible with the fridge model.

As can be seen, the causes of water leakage can be diverse. We have covered the usual suspects above, however water leakage can transpire from a number of other reasons. It is recommended to always call in a fridge repair Toronto expert in order to get the issue resolved professionally. By hiring a fridge repair technician, you are assuring that your refrigerator doesn’t fall prey to further damage caused by amateur work.

In our experience, fridge repair in Toronto is a never ending ordeal. Every day we get so many people calling in with a wide variety of problems. Every time you think you’ve seen it all, someone calls in with a fridge problem that will surprise you. This is understandable—a fridge is much more complex than most realise! With every passing year, fridge technology gets more and more sophisticated, especially with the recent integration of computer and touch screen technology.

Whether your fridge is brand new or an older model, dreaded water leakage is something that all fridges have in common. With this in mind, we have rounded up a list of the most common water leakage issues. We see these on a day to day basis when conducting fridge repair in Toronto and, more often than not, water leakage issues stem from a handful of places.

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