Fridge Repair Service: Fridge Common Warnings

Image of a fridge

Fridges are a robust appliance…

…but not indefatigable so as to never suffer mechanical or electrical fault.

Here are some common complaints, symptoms and possibly warning signs of your fridge being on the verge of a break down.

  • Coolant leak – Fridges have for a number of years now employed the technique of placing the condenser (or coils) close to the external walls of the fridge, which makes them warm to touch. If you feel the fridge is not as warm as it normally is on the outside, and warm on the inside, chances are that the refrigerant gas in the fridge has leaked. Your Toronto fridge repair person can have it topped up and checked for leaks in a jiffy. Usually fill ports are easily accessible from the outside of the fridge.
  • Uneven cooling – If your fridge-freezer is cooling unevenly there could be a number of reasons behind it. The fan circulating air around the fridge may be obstructed, air vents that permit cold air to go from one chamber into another may be blocked or it could be a sign of a failing cooling system. Get a Toronto fridge person to check if your fan has burnt out or there is some other blockage in airflow system.
  • Electronic or sensor issues – These are rare in modern fridges, being relatively unstressed components and given the high levels of reliability that can be expected in electronic components. A Toronto fridge repair person will often try and diagnose other problems, which may be sending false readings to the system, before looking at the electronics system. These can be expensive and should be checked thoroughly before being replaced.
  • Inoperable thermistor – The thermistor is essentially a resistor which changes its electrical resistance based on temperature. Thermistor faults are rare too, and not easy to diagnose. Information on thermistors is not often publicly available and it takes an experienced Toronto fridge repair person to assess (and diagnose) if indeed it is the thermistor that has malfunctioned.
  • Other smaller things – Door problems such as improper sealing, door sensors malfunctioning and burnt out lightbulbs are relatively common problems we are called in to fix on a regular basis. An experienced repair person can diagnose and resolve such issues in no time at all.

RA Appliance Repair is a trusted and reliable name for so many people. We pride ourselves on completing a job for the long run – and not having you call again for the same problem.

No problem is too big or too small for our experienced technicians. Our repair teams have seen it all and are best placed to determine the root cause of your dishwasher not working.

Our technicians are experienced in the repair of all makes and models of fridges. Particularly, we have worked extensively on the more popular brands of fridges: GE, Whirlpool and Maytag.

When your frost free fridge is running a little warm on the inside and a little cool on the outside, what you have is a situation calling for Toronto fridge repair.

Fridge break downs are an inevitable part of modern living. Refrigerators are expected to operate flawlessly 24/7 whatever the load placed on them and whatever the operating environment.

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