Symptoms of a Failing Washer

Image of a washing machine drum

we look at some common symptoms of washing machines which lead you to call washer repair in Toronto.

Shaking and vibrating – If you notice that your washing machine is shaking or vibrating more than normal, there could be a number of causes. Uneven footing, even by a few millimeters will allow the machine to become unbalanced. It is also possible that a spring or a part of the internal shock absorbing apparatus has come loose.

Excessive noise – A certain amount of banging and clanging is expected when a rinse or spin cycle is active as buttons and buckles touch the barrel, but excessive noise can sign of a motor reaching the end of its life or something else lodged in the internals of the machine.

Not spinning – A washing machine not spinning can be because of a number of reasons. A burnt out motor is one culprit, a load sensor having malfunction too can send false readings to the machine and cause it to trip its circuit.

Not switching on – When switched on if the machine doesn’t flicker any lights whatsoever, it can be a sign of loose wiring or, worse, the logic board having expired. Perhaps the circuit tripped on the panel (but in that case finding the cause is even more important). For obvious reasons we won’t mention that the washer may not have been plugged in.

An ailing washing machine can mean a big headache; and that’s why you should rely on trusted washer repair in Toronto. After all, who hasn’t heard of the numerous horror stories about the washing machine ending up even more broken than it was before.

At RA Appliance we know the frustration that comes from improper service, hidden fees, making you run around in circles and then offering a substandard fix. Which is why our approach is simple: keep our client informed, be clear about what work is required and then get the washing machine fixed the first time.

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