Common Problems With Dishwashers

Image of dishwasher machine

If you are going to call for dishwasher repair in Toronto… the best. Our 24/7 service and expert technicians means we’ll resolve your issue the first time.

Certainly, that adage doesn’t hold true for dishwashers. Today’s appliances are far more reliable than they used to be. But given the difficult nature of the task at hand, and how easily careless handling can damage them, dishwasher repair in the Toronto area is something that is needed every once in a while.

In this piece we look at a few common problems that may blight your dishwasher.

  • Not cleaning well – This is really a rather subjective assessment, but owners can usually tell after a few bad washes that dishwasher repair in Toronto needs to be called to see why the appliance is not cleaning effectively. Anything from clogged outlets to hard water can cause dishes to come out dirty.
  • Occasional flooding – A dishwasher houses a water reservoir in its base. This must be emptied after every wash. If there is a malfunction with the pump, it will mean water will overflow. Also, a clogged drain can stop the reservoir from emptying.
  • Leaking washer – A leaky dishwasher is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Broken, damaged or worn out seals or gaskets are possible causes, though where water is draining from will help narrow down the fault. Leaks can cause significant damage and a dishwasher repair service in Toronto must be called promptly.
  • Not starting – Used to be that a dishwasher not starting would be a simple sign of a blown fuse or loose wire. Not so today. Today, dishwasher repair service must be prepared for a plethora of electrical and electronic faults, including failed sensors and software errors.
  • Sticking racks – Racks requiring more force than normal to pull out, making a grind sound or leaving marks in the dishwasher is a clear sign of misalignment. This can result from wear and tear forcing the racks to become misshapen, the walls of the dishwasher having changed or the rollers having got damaged. Dishwasher repair is essential for correcting this before whatever flaw there is starts to cascade into permanent damage.

“They don’t make them like they used to anymore” is the wise sounding adage every homeowner is familiar with. As appliance and dishwasher repair in Toronto we are certainly not alien to it either. Whether it is true is not something easy to attest to. After all, appliances today are geared highly for efficiency, too, not something appliances from decades ago could ever claim

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