When A Washing Machine Meets Its Match: Washer Repair in Toronto

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Image of a washing machine

Below are three examples of common issues that arise with your washer that are best left to professional washer repair in Toronto.

The machine won’t run: If your washer does not operate when set on any of the four cycles, it might not receive electrical power. Or, if it suddenly stops when it should be continuing on to the next cycle. If this is the case, the overload protector might have tripped off.

The washer is leaking: The leak typically comes from hoses or other connections. Just check if the leaking water is not drain water coming from a backed-up standpipe: a supply hose burst can cause a flood.

The machine does not properly rinse: If there is residue either on your clothes or the washer, the problem may be caused by several issues. It can be due to overloading, use of too much detergent, and incorrect spinning speed, among others. It could also be that the rinse water is not draining out properly.

Our team at RA Appliance Repair specializes in fixing a wide range of issues with your washer or dryer. We have years of experience working to repair brands such as Maytag and Whirlpool. We understand that they come in all shapes, sizes and settings. Some of the issues we fix include leaks, clogged filters, broken dials and bugs in digital settings. High quality washer repair in Toronto can be hard to find – look no further than us at RA Appliance Repair! Call us today at 1-647-707-1711!

A washer can be thought of as a huge tub that performs four cycles of filling, washing, draining and spinning. It contains a device to stir up the contents which can either be an agitator in a top-load machine or a rolling drum in a front-load type. Though the functions of this machine are simple, problems do occur and warrant washer repair in Toronto. You may be inclined to try and fix issues on your own to save time and money. However, a quick band-aid solution can often lead to another unwanted occurrence in the long-term.

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