Maytag Refrigerator: Common Problems

Image of a kitchen fridge

Fridges may off the cuff seem ‘simple’ machinery…

…but they are a complex network of air compressors, electrical systems, cooling pipes and insulation hardware.

We look at some common problems that lead you to Maytag repair in Toronto. Note this list is not by any means exhaustive and nor are the fixes that are mentioned. For the best results from Maytag repair in Toronto, make sure your fridge is inspected thoroughly, the problem identified before a fix is issued.

“My fridge is not cooling” is perhaps the most common complaint we get. It also happens to be the broadest. Virtually any aspect of refrigeration could have caused the problem due to which the fridge is not cooling. Or, it is entirely possible that though the fridge is cooling, the cool air is simply escaping. Maytag repair in Toronto must therefore begin with a thorough diagnosis, beginning with the moving parts, such as the compressor, the fan and the door seals.

“There is ice building up” ranks a close second in Maytag repair in Toronto. We hear this quite often, along with its close cousin “the insides of my fridge are condensing over”. It’s not that frost free fridges do not collect condensate, they do. It’s just drained off into a collection pan. Faulty door seals and an ineffectively sealed evaporator could be why there is ice building up in your frost free fridge. Bu the location of the ice and how it has built up will give clues as to what the cause could be.

“My fridge is running constantly” is another call we receive quite often from owners concerned about burning out their fridge. This can be due to inefficient cooling resulting from dirty condenser coils, inadequate gas pressure in the system or an incorrect temperature setting. Again, Maytag repair in Toronto must assess each fridge individually to determine the root cause of this problem.

Maytag appliances are one of the most popular brand of appliances sold in Canada. As such, we maintain an up-to-date information repository and skill set when it comes to Maytag repair in Toronto.

About the most commonly purchased Maytag products are their refrigerators. These modern appliances provide good cooling performance and generally trouble free performance, though, as is the case with any appliance, can occasionally develop faults. And fridges being an extremely important part of the house, Maytag repair in Toronto better be up to snuff too.

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