Common Fridge Problems

Image of an open refrigerator

Stay calm and call refrigerator repair in Toronto…

…That’s what we tell our clients, and save them from spending needless thousands on a new fridge.

Door seals – It’s surprising how often damaged door seals necessitate refrigerator repair in Toronto. Crushed, bent or sometimes ripped, door seals can too easily get entangled with a catch or box and get damaged. It’s a minor fix and won’t cost you a pretty penny. What will cost you is if you think a slight dink in the seal doesn’t matter and you don’t have it looked at.

Burnt compressor – From end to another extreme. Burnt out compressors are rare nowadays, but a damaged door seal, air leak bad electrical supply and just bad luck can all cause your compressor to conk off. Do call a person for refrigerator repair in Toronto for this purpose. Likely the cooling coils, the fan, plumbing and the entire fridge are fine.

Tripping the circuit – If your fridge is tripping the circuit breaker, disconnect the fridge from the power outlet before you call refrigerator repair in Toronto. Most likely there is a short in some electrical component in the fridge. Best to let a qualified and skilled technician diagnose it, rather than rummage around in the dark!

Running but no cooling – This could be because of a number of reasons; common causes include excessive heat of the surroundings of the fridge hurting its cooling efficiency; or, and quite likely, there is a leak in the cooling coils. This may sound like a big deal, but an adequately equipped person skilled in refrigerator repair in Toronto can have your fridge patched up and refilled in no time at all. Certainly, a gas leak is no reason to bid adieu to your expensive fridge, unless this becomes a perennial problem and your fridge is quite old.

At RA Appliance we have the confidence to say we have seen it all and fixed it all: frayed wires, burnt motors, innards filled with condensate – and even fused light bulbs. Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced; which is what lets us diagnose your fridge’s malfunction quickly and suggest the best course of repair. Our refrigerator repair in Toronto looks after all makes and models of fridges, especially popular ones from GE and Maytag.

Repairing a broken down fridge, even one which is a few years old, is often the smarter and more cost-effective solution than replacing it with a new one. Why? As refrigerator repair in Toronto has discovered, it is usually one (maybe two) culprits that have caused your fridge to stop cooling; there is no need to throw out an otherwise fully functional fridge for just that reason. Get it fixed and save yourself some money. Let’s see what it is that could be ailing your fridge so.

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