Common Bad Habits That Break Your Dishwasher

Image of a washing machine with dishes

A dishwasher can halve the time spent washing dishes; but some precautions will keep it functioning for longer.

With years of experience, we talk about some of the most common ‘bad habits’ that are at the root cause of dishwashers malfunctioning and requiring dishwasher repair in Toronto.

  • Dirty dishes – This might seem like a contradiction, but dishwashers are not suitable for overly soiled dishes. If these are not scrubbed, various elements of your dishwasher will, over time, get clogged by food waste. Food waste is known to block spray arms, jam pumps and clog drain openings. It is also a recipe for an unhygienic environment, with bacterial buildup in and around components.
  • Non-dishwasher soap – Using non-dishwasher soap is a sure shot way to create a mess, and possibly breaking your dishwasher. Unsuitable soaps will lead to, at the very least, inadequate cleaning of dishes, and leave a mess inside and outside the dishwasher. Over time, poor quality or non-dishwasher soap will cause sediment build-up in components, causing them to become less effective and eventually fail.
  • Non-dishwasher safe items – Washing non-dishwasher safe items in a dishwasher is a surprisingly common reason for dishwasher failure. Smalls chips or cracked pieces can be easily flung around and get lodged in operational elements of the machine.
  • The humble float switch – A little device which measures when the dishwasher is full of water and ready to fill with water. If, because of sedimentation, food waste or other debris in the switch gets stuck in a particular position, the dishwasher is not likely to function. Hence, the importance of minding the three points above.

RA Appliance Repair is a trusted and reliable name for so many people. We pride ourselves on completing a job for the long run – and not having you call again for the same problem.

No problem is too big or too small for our experienced technicians. Our repair teams have seen it all and are best placed to determine the root cause of your dishwasher not working.

What’s more, we have a 24/7 hotline for dishwasher repair in Toronto. Especially handy if your dishwasher has just started to leak!

Dishwashers are an appliance that add convenience and reduce a great deal of effort around the home. However, an incomplete understanding of how a dishwasher works, and its limitations, will result in a broken-down appliance and necessitate dishwasher repair in Toronto.

However, we can’t avoid some malfunction or wear over time, since stove and ranges need regular care or sometimes parts replacement over the years.

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