Appliance Repair Tips

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Follow these tips to get the most out of your application repair service in Toronto – and save time and money.

When you need to get an appliance repaired, be it a microwave, a refrigerator, washing machine or other such home appliance, be sure to follow these key tips. Not only will this most likely save you the expense of having to replace parts that were functional in the first place, you will also not have to make repeat trips for appliance repair service in Toronto.

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Judge the problem – Pay attention to what is wrong with your appliance, recall if the appliance stopped working abruptly, and, if it did, how so. Granted, you are not an appliance repair technician or have the tools to diagnose the fault specifically, but nevertheless, let your common sense guide you in the process. It will prevent you getting billed for work you didn’t need, not to mention get your appliance fixed faster.

Knowing the cause – Solving a symptom is usually easier than solving the problem. Insist on discovering what it was that went wrong that necessitated the repair in the first place. Simply having an appliance go from ‘not working’ to ‘it’s fine now’ is not specific enough for you to know what it was that caused failure.

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Electrical setup – Most modern home appliances in homes Toronto today rely on relatively high electrical current throughput. This means their electrical circuitry must remain in pristine condition, and if needs to be handled for the appliance’s repair service in Toronto, it should be done so correctly. Make sure there are no loose wires, cables that you didn’t see before but are hanging out now.

Plumbing – Appliance repair service in Toronto for items like washers and dishwashers will, naturally, require some tinkering with your plumbing. At the beginning and post-repair, ensure that adjacent and wall plumbing is not damaged. Also check for any leaks between joints, and that your repaired machine does not leak when it’s in use.

‘That’ll do’ – That’s the kind of attitude we at RA Appliance neither provide for our customers nor expect them to tolerate. A qualified and skilled technician takes pride in his or her work and will want to get the work done right the first time, rather than have to receive a call from a dissatisfied client about recurring problems. Regardless, make sure your technician does not adopt a hasty or slapdash attitude towards your appliance repair service in Toronto.

Appliance repair service in Toronto is plentiful, but beware! Not all service providers have the skill, expertise or the ethos that we do in appliance repair. Our motto is simple: fix the problem the first time. This means good appliance repair service in Toronto should get to the root cause of the problem, rather than aim blindly at some imagined fault.

Tips for Appliance Repair in Toronto

If you are attempting to fix the broken appliance yourself, every bit of technical knowledge will help. But if you don’t have any knowledge or the right tools for the job, it may be more practical to call a reliable repair shop. You could make things worse or you get yourself injured, especially if the appliance has stored electricity.

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Repair costs are a good investment if they are significantly less than the cost of buying new appliances, given that repair parts are available for your appliance. An average technical inspection and appliance repair in Toronto costs about 20-30 percent of replacement cost, depending on how old the appliance is and the frequency of use. Having a repair will also save you time on shopping and comparing prices for an upgrade. You should also consider is the severity of the damage. If the components of your broken appliance are held in place with welds or rivets, you shouldn’t attempt to repair it. It’s best to call a specialist in appliance repair.

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If you have the required implements to fix your fridge, stove or washer, you may not have the time needed to inspect every component of the machine. Repairing appliances is a time-consuming and often complex procedure, more so if you’re not familiar with the machine. Calling in a professional only takes a few minutes and you’ll have your appliance back to work in no time.

Based on rough estimates, here is the common household appliance life-span:

  • Freezer – 11 years
  • Refrigerator – 13 years
  • Washing machine – 10 years
  • Oven – 15 years
  • Dryer – 13 years
  • Dishwasher – 9 years

Modern appliances make our lives much easier and convenient. We rely heavily on them to perform our basic chores so we can go about our daily activities. It’s no wonder that once an appliance breaks down, homeowners find it very frustrating. This is when we tend to think of appliance repair in Toronto, and might start looking around for the best company. Here are some tips to concider, from RA Appliance Repair!

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